Endpoint Management Services

Have your computing devices become so numerous and heterogeneous that it’s hard to tell what you have, or whether they’re secure and compliant? Does it takes days, weeks or months to patch endpoints? Do you have any idea how much power is being used—or wasted—by idle computers throughout your organization?

IBM Endpoint Manager lets you better understand and manage the status of all your organization’s endpoints, including network-attached servers and desktops, Internet-connected laptops outside your network, smartphones and tablets, and specialized equipment such as point-of-sale (POS) devices, ATMs and self-service kiosks. The IBM Endpoint Manager agent can be installed on any endpoint running Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux or Mac operating systems, as well as on Apple iOS, Google Android, Symbian, Microsoft Windows Mobile and Windows Phone devices. It also provides the ability to selectively wipe enterprise data when mobile devices are lost or stolen. Best of all, you can do it all from a single management console. And the IBM Endpoint Manager for Power Management feature can even qualify your organization for an energy rebate from your local power provider.

Sirius provides a full range of services in support of IBM Endpoint Manager. We can run a proof of concept for your enterprise to show how much you could potentially save. And implementation across your organization can be completed in as little as three days up to several weeks.

Business Value

  • Maintains visibility and control over your endpoints efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Provides asset discovery and inventory capabilities
  • Efficiently distributes software and patches
  • Unifies mobile device and traditional endpoint management
  • Deploys operating systems and control desktops remotely
  • Analyzes software usage, security and compliance
  • Manages power, security configurations and vulnerabilities
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