Emergency Preparedness Workshop

Business continuity programs need clear executive ownership, a defined scope, stated objectives, risk analysis, and business impact analysis to fully protect your business. The purpose of this workshop is to provide business continuity program-development education to executives and project leaders who will be responsible for driving the organization’s business continuity and IT disaster recovery programs.

The Sirius Emergency Preparedness Workshop includes a review of your strategic plan, emergency operations/action plan, mitigation plan, disaster recovery plan, and business continuity plan. Also included is a review of your employee support plan, communication plans, and documented minimum activities (the “must-have” requirements) in the event of a disaster. The workshop outlines policies for recovery standards, education, awareness, maintenance, and exercise of the BC and IT-DR plans.

Business Value

  • Educates executive owners on business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Utilizes Sirius’ experienced IT consultants to provide actionable recommendations designed to improve your incident preparedness
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