Design Review Services for Data Facility Storage Management System

As your mainframe system grows, IBM Data Facility Storage Management Subsystem (DFSMS) configuration is sometimes overlooked, resulting in poor storage management. Sirius Design Review Services for DFSMS provides consulting services to review your DFSMS environment and make recommendations on reducing storage management processing overhead and costs. Sirius experts can also implement these recommendations at your request, and provide support for your environment and skills transfer as needed to maintain the operational environment.

Business Value

  • Optimizes your mainframe storage capacity and prevents you from purchasing additional unneeded storage
  • Provides you with DFSMS best practices to ensure reduced downtime and that necessary data is available and easily accessible
  • Minimizes the impact to your staff and their everyday duties, due to less time spent in task preparation and problem research
  • Efficiently trains your personnel through skills transfer during system installation
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