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Db2 Health Check Services for IBM Z

Your business databases change and grow on a daily basis, and Db2 is an essential component to ensuring your data is organized and accessible. Maintaining a Db2 environment that stays in lockstep with your business needs is critical.

Sirius Db2 Health Check Services includes an evaluation of your IBM Z Db2 environment for potential performance improvements. This effort will identify performance bottlenecks and methods to eliminate them. Sirius engineers will utilize performance measurement tools and evaluate SQL statements, analyze Db2 sorting, and buffer pool allocations along with other pertinent data to understand the current health of your Db2 environment. Upon completion, you will receive a performance analysis, tuning recommendations and summary documentation, as well as skills transfer.

Business Value

  • Identifies efficiencies to drive unwanted cycle time out of your Db2 environment
  • Identifies risks in poorly performing databases and system-level performance
  • Creates better responsiveness, performance and productivity
  • Analyzes your environment and makes recommendations in a short period of time, saving significant time for your staff
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