DataPower Secure Integration Services

In today’s fast-paced, competitive marketplace, application integration points exist both inside and outside your organization. Flexible data transformation, secure data handling, content-based message routing and message security are keys to success in organizations of all sizes. Sirius DataPower Services will decrease your time-to-market with your DataPower integrations. Our experts will assist you by analyzing, categorizing and prioritizing your DataPower usage. We will install and configure the appliance, create initial services for your application integration needs, and collaborate with your business experts to define integration scenarios.

Sirius DataPower Secure Integration Services can be bundled with your purchase of an IBM WebSphere DataPower Appliance.

Business Value

  • Extends business assets to the Web
  • Simpler, single point of administration for data transformation and routing
  • Wire-speed processing to increase end-user satisfaction and drive down IT costs
  • Enhances message security and privacy with a single enforcement point
  • Allows for expensive data transformation and security requirements to be removed from the business application level
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