Database Health Check

As a database manager or IT professional, you are likely facing increasing pressures to maintain the highest levels of database and application performance. You are caught between managing productivity and your clients’ satisfaction with rising costs and shrinking budgets. Software licensing costs keep you from throwing more hardware or resources at the problem. Outages and delays are not an option.

Application costs and performance should be considered throughout your application’s lifecycle, not just at the end during implementation. The goal of performance tuning is to minimize your response time for each query and maximize the throughput of your entire database server, by reducing network traffic, disk I/O, and CPU time.

We provide you with the opportunity to analyze and assess your database application portfolio to achieve a thorough understanding of your application requirements, as well as the logical and physical structure of your data, and tradeoffs between conflicting uses of the database and your system resources.

A Sirius Database Health Check gives you a way to:

  • Identify and prioritize specific performance remediation activities
  • Provide program investment, timeline and expected return on investment to key stakeholders
  • Estimate performance improvement for quantifying your investment ROI
  • Perform economic analysis of your database environment, with proposed options for further application placement analysis
  • Optimize hardware usage through improved performance to save money
  • Enable your systems to keep up with the speed of business
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