Data Center Applications & IT Services Moves & Relocations

Sirius Data Center Applications and IT Services Move/Relocation Services use a top-down approach, from understanding the business processes/services, their mapping to applications, the dependencies of applications, and all associated IT infrastructure components. We conduct and manage the workshops and discovery sessions to understand, document and map the applications data flow, dependencies, interfaces, communications and links. We then identify all infrastructure components, business processes and sequences, and analyze the information to develop and execute plans for the relocation/move/migration efforts with minimum possible downtime for all IT services.

Any gaps between current and desired state are observed and reviewed, and recommendations to close those gaps are developed so that the processes, procedures and run books for migrations and follow-on support serve the needs of business.

Business Value

  • Aligns migration/move plans with business requirements and acceptable outages
  • Provides a holistic review of IT services and applications with all dependencies
  • Offers review and analysis of associated business processes to incorporate as part of the move
  • Recommends an architecture for desired availability and recovery capability subsequent to the move
  • Provides recommendation for remediation of deviations in the applications infrastructure based on standards and best practices
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