Contact Center Services

Contact (call) centers are a major component of many businesses, and require best-of-breed technology for smooth and efficient operations. Sirius offers an array of Contact Center Services that can be used to build and optimize our clients’ customer-care strategies. These services are designed to offer secure, highly available, sophisticated call routing and comprehensive contact management for both formal and informal contact centers. This includes advanced call routing and skill-based routing, improved agent performance, and knowledge-worker expertise utilizing presence, integration to business applications, and interactive voice-response applications.

Today’s customers require additional forms of interaction, so we also specialize in e-mail management, outbound dialing, and video integration to the contact center. Finally, our services also include contact center management optimization through quality monitoring, workforce optimization, and advanced reporting design.

Business Value

  • Reduces time-to-service through advanced call routing
  • Reduces the cost of customer care using IVR self-service applications
  • Simplifies business application integration, resulting in reduced call times
  • Leverages agents regardless of location
  • Enhances contact center efficiency and service, utilizing presence to leverage subject matter expertise
  • Centralizes administration, support and maintenance
  • Increases positive brand awareness through social networking interactions
  • Controls costs with workforce management and adherence
  • Lets your contact center react and respond faster to trends and customer needs through quality monitoring
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