Commerce Services

Today’s best e-commerce sites focus on the customer as the core of a smarter commerce world. Smarter Commerce goes beyond the traditional commerce sense to optimize supply and demand as they are driven by customer insights and online social behavior. Smarter Commerce means engaging customers through mobile sites and smartphone applications; providing feedback tools through ratings, reviews and blogs; and engaging them through social sites like Facebook and Twitter. In addition, the newest Web 2.0 technologies offer an online experience that is innovative, enriching, and easier to use.

It is critical for businesses not only to capitalize on these new technologies and capabilities, but also to offer reliable, stable and fast performance when doing business across the Web. If your site isn’t user-friendly, or is slow or unresponsive, it reflects negatively on your brand and will drive customers away—probably to your competitors’ sites. A comprehensive commerce strategy should include precision marketing features, customer self-service, product catalog and maintenance, order management, and social commerce features.

Business Value

  • Improves marketing effectiveness by providing the right content to the right people at the right time
  • Provides a rich, contextual, personalized experience across the Web, call center and mobile devices
  • Comprises design, installation, and integration with various systems
  • Builds on reusable assets, and uses a proven roadmap
  • Leverages Sirius’ experienced eCommerce specialists
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