Cloud Strategy & Roadmap Services

Not sure where to go next with cloud computing? Sirius doesn’t approach cloud computing as a single product or service, but rather as an architecture for delivering IT services to your business. Our Cloud Strategy & Roadmap Services can help you define, plan, and implement logical steps on your cloud computing journey, by taking a comprehensive approach to examining both the current and future states of your business needs and IT infrastructure. The breadth and depth of our service offering can vary depending on the specific needs and goals of your business.

Business Value

  • Identifies business, operations, technical and expense drivers for considering a cloud solution
  • Analyzes your IT service catalog, service levels, software interdependencies and service chains, and the underlying infrastructure upon which the services reside
  • Identifies appropriate cloud service delivery models (IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS) for specific IT services
  • Analyzes cloud deployment models (public, private, hybrid, managed hosted)
  • Identifies and analyzes potential vendor cloud solutions
  • Assesses operating and integration risks
  • Identifies security, regulatory, compliance and policy implications
  • Analyzes the benefits, risks and costs of cloud computing alternatives
  • Calculates macro ROI and IT financials
  • Documents a cloud strategy, roadmap and plan
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