Cloud Briefing

Cloud computing is receiving increased exposure throughout the IT industry as a new method of fulfilling information technology needs. Cloud computing solutions have the ability to lower costs, accelerate technology provisioning, increase granular capacity management, and provide greater flexibility than traditional data center and outsourcing models.

Sirius offers cloud computing briefings designed to educate clients and to separate fact from fiction. Our free Cloud Briefing can help you decide what steps should be next on your physical to virtual to cloud (PVC) journey.

Business Value

  • Helps you better understand cloud computing as an architecture
  • Defines and clarifies cloud computing terms
  • Helps you develop an understanding of the different cloud computing models being offered in today’s marketplace
  • Explains various cloud computing technical solutions
  • Defines implementation paths
  • Provides a review of your existing technology environment and identifies components that might benefit from cloud computing
  • Helps you determine if it makes sense to further consider cloud computing, and whether or not to invest in a detailed evaluation
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