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Capacity Planning Assessment

Understanding your infrastructure begins with a Sirius Capacity Planning Assessment. We will work with you to understand your current Oracle database environment, help you build a capacity model, and recommend possible solution paths for your future database platform.

This assessment will facilitate a process and provide supporting data to answer these important questions.

  • What is your current capacity today? How much more capacity do you have left?
  • How does your system workload map to your business demands?
  • Which components of your current infrastructure are bottlenecks to your database performance?
  • Where are the opportunities to optimize your current infrastructure?
  • What future strategic technology options will improve your database performance and allow you to meet business demand?

Benefits of a Sirius Database Capacity Planning Assessment Include:

  • A benchmark of your current infrastructure capacity utilization.
  • Insight into the business triggers that drive your database infrastructure utilization.
  • Identification of capacity risks that could contribute to missed Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • A capacity model that allows you to strategically project future capacity.
  • Technology recommendations that will enable infrastructure to meet the demands of your business applications.
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