Cabling Services for IBM Z Environments

Cabling requirements are increasingly dependent on how each system is physically configured, and dynamic business environments require timely technology upgrades and machine replacements to respond to system growth. Changes or upgrades to the mainframe hardware environment often require new cabling and provide an opportunity to build a more dynamic environment with business critical systems.

Sirius Cabling Services include planning, procurement and installation of the new style cables required for IBM Z processors to connect any existing or new I/O equipment associated with processor replacement or data center relocation.

Business Value

  • Provides quality service backed by cabling experience and relationships
  • Proactively plans to ensure cost-efficient cabling
  • Utilizes highly technical engineers who have performed an average of 30 to 40 cabling projects per year over the last 14 years
  • Validates your requirements, then procures and installs your cables
  • Ensures cable readiness before final migration, including system cutover or utilization of new devices
  • Uses our defined methodology for pre-labeling and cross-referencing cables, creating efficiencies for locating, identifying, repairing, replacing, and maintaining a high-quality cabling infrastructure
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