Blade Implementation & Configuration Services

When you analyze the TCO and ROI of management, networking and data center fabric infrastructure costs, blade technologies prove an excellent value. A thoughtfully configured and well-implemented blade solution can significantly reduce costs, improve productivity, streamline business processes and enable better collaboration. And virtualized (Hypervisor-enabled) blades can coexist next to traditional physical blades running the Windows or Linux operating systems.

Whether you’re currently considering blades for simplifying and collapsing your back-end infrastructure demands, or already use blades in a mixed environment, Sirius has skilled, industry-trained professionals who can plan, order, install and configure hardware, operating systems, networking and software to your specifications. They will assess the requirements for power, space, rack layout, cabling, heating and cooling, and develop a service plan to ensure 24×7 system availability. If you have multiple systems or sites to implement, we have a national team with the skills to rapidly deploy blade technologies to your specifications, on time and within budget.

Business Value

  • Experienced professionals implement your blade server platform quickly and without hassles
  • Reduces your data center footprint by leveraging space-efficient integrated blade technologies
  • High availability and redundancy are built in
  • Successfully implements high-speed 10G infrastructures within and external to the chassis
  • Improves productivity, efficiency, security and time-to-delivery for your IT investment
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