BC & DR Architecture Standards Services

Do your service architecture standards meet the business requirements for business protection? Sirius Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Architecture Standards Services include facilities provisioning, risk mitigation, replication/redundancy requirements, and automation/documentation levels for restoration of service.

We will work with you to establish standards that satisfy the financial obligations and scope that are defined during the Business Impact Analysis. Following the establishment of BC/DR severity level standards, each severity level is assigned provisioning methods required to meet defined metrics. The metrics and methods establish the fundamental architecture requirements used to provision enterprise services and IT services. Prior to provisioning or classification of an enterprise or IT service, a detailed service delivery chain is created. The service delivery chain captures the building blocks of the service and the dependencies between the building blocks.

Business Value

  • Reviews your delivery chain documentation
  • Provides you with a severity level definitions document that contains the standard methods for severity level attainment
  • Prioritizes gap closure recommendations
  • Utilizes Sirius’ experienced IT consultants to provide actionable recommendations designed to improve your emergency preparedness
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