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Applications Infrastructure Optimization Services

Sirius Applications Infrastructure Optimization Services can provide your organization with comprehensive analysis that looks holistically at your applications infrastructure, and highlights any infrastructure gaps that are hindering the application from fully supporting your availability, recoverability, performance and capacity requirements. The resulting knowledge can be used to limit business exposure, reduce operating costs, and define a roadmap for expansion of the environment that is aligned with future growth and strategies.

This analysis is conducted on-site for infrastructure associated with the applications and IT services, in single or multiple locations. It is business-issues focused, and provides in-depth optimization. Our experienced staff can assist with identifying a broad range of gaps, including diagnosing performance constraints, ensuring adherence to vendor best practices, resolving potential system security and information protection risks, and providing insight into leading technology trends.

Business Value

  • Reduces costs associated with applications infrastructure inefficiency
  • Provides availability enhancements and IT services-level enhancements at the applications level
  • Increases flexibility by identifying aligned emerging industry and technology trends
  • Identifies performance bottlenecks from the infrastructure side, along with remediation of such problems
  • Provides best-practices recommendations for improving recoverability of applications and IT services dependent on these applications
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