Application Security Services

Most enterprises depend on Web-based software and systems to run their business processes, conduct transactions with suppliers and deliver sophisticated services to customers. Unfortunately, in the race to stay one step ahead of the competition, many organizations spend little to no effort to ensure that these applications are secure. Web-based systems can compromise the overall security of an organization by introducing vulnerabilities that hackers can use to gain access to confidential company information or customer data.

Application security solutions can help enterprises address Web application vulnerabilities using a “secure by design” approach. This approach embeds security testing into the software development life cycle, providing you the tools you need to develop secure code. Sirius’ application security experts help organizations with using the tools to properly secure their Web applications and develop secure development practices. Areas covered by these solutions:

  • Dynamic (black box) security analysis
  • Static (white box) security analysis
  • Vulnerability management
  • Compliance Reports

Business Value

  • Reduces application risk with security testing and remediation that identifies and eliminates vulnerabilities, which are the source of application risk
  • Controls application project costs by identifying vulnerabilities and defects early in the process when they are cheaper to correct
  • Manages regulatory demands for protecting sensitive data processed by Web applications
  • Cost-effectively manages risk with proactive remediation of application vulnerabilities
  • Protects legacy assets by securing applications early in the application life cycle
  • Identify vulnerabilities and risks associated with multiple languages including Java, .NET (C#, VB.NET, ASP .NET, C/C++ and COBOL)
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