Application Security Assessment Services

Applications currently represent more than 75% of the vulnerabilities that are attacked, typically for the purpose of collecting proprietary or private data that can be monetized by the intruder. In order to mitigate this risk from current and future applications, Sirius will assist in reviewing current application security practices through a software tool and process review, as well as recommending appropriate application security standards and controls.

Sirius can also review software development practices through the full software development life cycle (SDLC) in order to make recommendations that will strengthen application security testing, validation, and the processes used to build applications and manage the development life cycle. Sirius’ SDLC approach can bring security awareness and improved processes to development and QA teams to deliver results that improve security throughout your company and that continue beyond the engagement.

Business Value

  • Utilizes Sirius’ experienced consultants to quickly assess the vulnerabilities in your applications, resulting in significant cost and time savings
  • Can prevent you from paying thousands of dollars in fines, loss of business and damage to the company brand
  • Reduces future assessment and remediation costs and speeds time-to-market for new applications
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