Application Architecture and Workload Placement

We will help you conduct a comprehensive analysis of your IT systems and develop a strategy for your workload placements, so you realize significant savings for your organization.

To analyze your IT infrastructure for potential cost optimization and to best place your workloads, it is important to respect the three data center constraints beyond simple utilization.

  1. Business Constraints
    • Determine if your IT infrastructure is governed by strict requirements on how your servers, applications and storage are organized.
  2. Technical Constraints
    • Uncover both affinities and constraints in your environment from a purely technical perspective.
  3. Workload Constraints
    • Analyze the utilization levels and patterns within your IT environment. The characteristics of the workload will determine whether it is best to dedicate resources, stack applications or virtualize to achieve your optimal strategy.

Sirius will help you evaluate your environment and drive true business and IT unification with these three simple steps:

  1. Gain visibility into your applications like never before. We can help collect your data, creating clarity within weeks, not years.
  2. Customize your metrics for your business and IT.
  3. Rely on our data-driven methodology to reveal the true value of your application portfolio by providing instant transparency. With our data, you will be able to determine what to sell, what to hold and what to buy.
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