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Asset Disposition Services

With the rapid changes in technology, equipment is constantly being rotated out of production, often to be stored unnecessarily, or sent irresponsibly to the landfill. Sirius Asset Disposition Services will assess the value of your used IT assets and provide appropriate disposition services that limit your liability and protect your proprietary data.

Managed Training Services

When purchased from the vendor, training credits are usually valid for a maximum of 12 months from the date of purchase. Not being able to use these credits, or finding that training is not needed, can cost an organization thousands of dollars annually. Sirius helps companies by providing Sirius Managed Training Services. This service includes: [...]

Physical Infrastructure Maintenance & Support Services

To ensure your critical IT facility continues to operate at optimum levels, Sirius Physical Infrastructure Maintenance and Support Services can address your needs. Sirius can review existing contracts or create new ones for periodic maintenance of critical facilities components such as switchgear, generators, diesel fuel, UPS, batteries, PDU, HVAC, fire suppression, smoke detection, environmental monitoring, [...]

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