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Governance, Risk & Compliance Services

IT professionals are required to reduce costs and maintain an appropriate risk management structure, while also preparing for impending increases in regulatory demands. Companies are looking to improve operational efficiency in enterprise governance, risk and compliance (E-GRC) initiatives to meet current fiscal concerns while providing a framework on which to build a rigorous E-GRC program. [...]

Information Security/ISO/Risk & Vulnerability Assessment Services

How do you manage risk in your organization? How do you even measure risk? Do you know where your current vulnerabilities are? Start with an assessment of your overall security posture as measured against international standards such as ISO, NIST, COBIT and other frameworks to gain much better visibility into any gaps in your security [...]

Audit & Compliance Services

Today’s reality is one of increased regulations (PCI, HIPAA/HITECH, NERC, FISMA, SOX, etc.), increased complexity with more and more point products from different vendors, and the increased sophistication and multi-faceted nature of attack vectors. The environment today is faced with the constant change of people, applications and systems, and with softening network borders such as [...]

Compliance Readiness Gap Assessment & Remediation Services

Are you prepared for HIPAA/HITECH, PCI, GLBA, or any number of other industry and statutory regulations? Sirius Compliance Readiness Assessments will help you ensure that your organization is ready for your next exam through our rigorous methodology and deep knowledge of regulatory requirements. After an audit, Sirius’ Remediation Services identify and prioritize the specific processes [...]

Healthcare HIPAA-HITECH/OCR/MU Security Risk Assessment

Today’s healthcare organizations face many challenges when it comes to information security, including staying compliant with the HIPAA Security Rule and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Stimulus Act). While provisions such as the HITECH Act have added protection and breach notification requirements for healthcare providers, incentive money is available for the implementation [...]

Assessment for IBM Z PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance is a major recurring endeavor for many businesses. Sirius Assessment for IBM Z PCI Compliance Services is designed to help businesses achieve and maintain PCI compliance in accordance with annual PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) audits. Sirius engineers will discuss and review the 12 PCI requirements that organizations must meet annually [...]

Security Program Development & Policy Services

The key to managing risk in any organization is building an enterprise security program. Do you have well-defined, documented and maintained policies? Are roles and responsibilities identified and managed? What are your core business services and what’s the impact of an outage due to an exploit against those services? A strong, in-depth defensive strategy that [...]

Advanced Network Security Assessment Services

Securing a network is a fundamental requirement of any business, and Sirius’ experienced staff will make sure you get it done right. Sirius Advanced Network Security Assessment Services include a comprehensive Network Security Assessment to evaluate your network and provide valuable feedback related to current network security conditions, best-practice design considerations and optimal network security [...]

Security Server Assessment Services for IBM System z

An Enterprise Management solution in a mainframe environment often involves IBM’s Resource Access and Control Facility (RACF) software as the security management tool and security implementation interface. Sirius Security Server Assessment Services include assessing the effectiveness of the Security Server environment. Sirius will identify deficiencies and exposures and, if required, identify methods to improve Security [...]

Cloud & Virtualization Security Assessment Services

Sirius Cloud & Virtualization Security Assessment Services are designed to ensure your readiness for migrations to cloud deployment infrastructures, as well as the security governance of potential cloud providers. Virtualization and cloud technologies present new vulnerabilities that can represent significant risks to your assets and data. Our assessments examine your virtualized server environments to identify [...]

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