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Endpoint Management Entry Edition

With today’s growing number of nonstandard endpoints and increasingly sophisticated security threats, corporations need an approach that will provide them with real-time visibility across all platforms, including mobile devices. Based on IBM Endpoint Manager, Sirius Endpoint Management Entry Edition helps you achieve smarter, faster endpoint management by combining endpoint and security management into a single [...]

Governance, Risk & Compliance Services

IT professionals are required to reduce costs and maintain an appropriate risk management structure, while also preparing for impending increases in regulatory demands. Companies are looking to improve operational efficiency in enterprise governance, risk and compliance (E-GRC) initiatives to meet current fiscal concerns while providing a framework on which to build a rigorous E-GRC program. [...]

Endpoint Management Services

Have your computing devices become so numerous and heterogeneous that it’s hard to tell what you have, or whether they’re secure and compliant? Does it takes days, weeks or months to patch endpoints? Do you have any idea how much power is being used—or wasted—by idle computers throughout your organization? IBM Endpoint Manager lets you [...]

Database Security Services

Enterprise databases continue to experience growing attacks despite enhanced security processes and increasing database security approaches. Security gaps in solutions persist in intelligent prevention, tighter integration with middleware and applications, and security patch automation. It’s no longer adequate to secure only the network, infrastructure, or application to defend against attacks or to meet regulatory compliance [...]

Identity & Access Management Services

Identity and Access Management is a comprehensive set of solutions used to identify users in a system (employees, customers and contractors), and control their access to resources within that system by associating user rights and restrictions with the established identity. Sirius identity and access management experts help secure your collaboration and access processes in alignment [...]

Network Security Design & Implementation Services (VPN, Network Access)

How can you securely connect to your business applications when you are not in the office? One answer is to utilize virtual private network (VPN) technology. Sirius Network Security Design and Implementation Services provide an effective, end-to-end VPN solution tailored to a company’s specific needs. They can include point-to-point or multiple-site Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN) [...]

Encryption Services for IBM System z

Encryption is a critical component of IT security strategies, and can be especially important for mainframe environments that run mission-critical applications and contain terabytes of sensitive information. Sirius mainframe and security experts help you implement one or more encryption solutions to meet your business objections and address regulatory compliance required in your IT environment. Each [...]

Security Server Implementation Services for IBM System z

A comprehensive security scheme is an important aspect of any Enterprise Management solution. In a mainframe environment, the Resource Access and Control Facility (RACF) environment provides the necessary functions for effective security. Sirius Security Server Implementation for IBM System z Services will ensure that the data and resources critical to your business are secured in [...]

DataPower Secure Integration Services

In today’s fast-paced, competitive marketplace, application integration points exist both inside and outside your organization. Flexible data transformation, secure data handling, content-based message routing and message security are keys to success in organizations of all sizes. Sirius DataPower Services will decrease your time-to-market with your DataPower integrations. Our experts will assist you by analyzing, categorizing [...]

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