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Data Center Applications & IT Services Moves & Relocations

Sirius Data Center Applications and IT Services Move/Relocation Services use a top-down approach, from understanding the business processes/services, their mapping to applications, the dependencies of applications, and all associated IT infrastructure components. We conduct and manage the workshops and discovery sessions to understand, document and map the applications data flow, dependencies, interfaces, communications and links. [...]

Hardware Relocation Services

Moving your business, or just your IT infrastructure, from one location to another requires a great deal of orchestration and planning. Sirius’ physical infrastructure engineers have a wealth of experience in relocating IT and facilities hardware. Sirius Hardware Relocation Services include the creation of a relocation inventory, walk-through at each center, coordination of vendors for [...]

Logistics Services

Once a disaster has occurred and the plan has been executed, what’s the process for restoring your business? Sirius Logistics Services will describe the processes for restoring all enterprise services. These include all department-level services as well as IT services. This service will outline who is responsible for the restoration, facility identification for the restoration, [...]

IT Process Assessment Services

Are you striving to make your IT department more efficient through effective processes and procedures? Trying to implement better problem-management processes, create a better knowledge-management process to shorten helpdesk talk times, and improve client service levels? Sirius offers consulting services in a variety of IT management areas including: change management, service-level management, service continuity, release [...]

Service Management Assessment Services

Sirius has designed a comprehensive IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)-based assessment process that delivers a roadmap of actionable recommendations to optimize your service delivery. Our consultants can assess your current service management processes, establish your current ITIL maturity level, and assist you in closing the gaps by updating or re-engineering your processes in order to improve: [...]

Physical Infrastructure Project Planning & Contractor Coordination Services

Much like building a home, upgrading your IT facility requires orchestration of numerous contractors and tasks. It is a process that most businesses choose to outsource; therefore a trusted partner is needed to help. Sirius’ Physical Infrastructure Project Planning and Contractor Coordination Services include a series of planning meetings that involve all the appropriate employees, [...]

Program Management Services

Managing one project for your business can be difficult, but managing multiple projects simultaneously creates an entirely new level of complexity. Sirius Program Management Services combine project management disciplines with business and general management practices at the portfolio level. This service allows visibility across all your associated projects and enables better integration of projects with [...]

Project Management Services

Embarking on new projects to improve your business is a regular occurrence, and matters can range from the very simple to very complex. However, without appropriate processes and procedures, the budget and timeline for the project can be at risk from the very start. Sirius Project Management Services use a proven five-step project management methodology, [...]

Project & Process Assessment Services

If you have a project that is falling behind due to organizational challenges, process issues or technological difficulties, Sirius Project & Process Assessment Services are designed to help get your project back on track. Sirius will conduct a thorough analysis of your project and provide a roadmap and action plan to ensure a successful outcome. [...]

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