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Server Implementation & Configuration Services

Successful organizations know how to leverage technology to create operational efficiencies and get the best returns on their IT investments. A well implemented IT solution can help reduce costs, improve productivity, streamline business processes, and enable better collaboration. Sirius has seasoned professionals who can plan, order, install and configure Industry-Standard Server (ISS) hardware, operating systems [...]

Cisco Nexus Implementation Services

The initial installation of a Cisco Nexus environment requires forethought and planning. When done correctly, subsequent hardware expansion and technology refresh projects will be streamlined and without service downtime. Sirius’ Nexus engineers have a well defined process for pre-installation planning, physical rack/stack and cabling, configuration, Data Center Network Manager, as-built documentation and skills transfer. Our [...]

Implementation Services for IBM PureFlex Systems

Sirius can help ensure that your IBM PureFlex environment is designed, configured and implemented to meet your specific requirements. Sirius’ certified PureFlex consultants will implement this environment which comprises server, storage and network components, to create a high-performance, reliable environment for AIX, IBM i, Windows or Linux as well as virtualization of Hyper-V, KVM, PowerVM, [...]

Installation Services for IBM Power Systems

IBM Power Systems servers are running business-critical applications for hundreds of thousands of companies. Sirius can help you make sure that your Power Systems environment is designed, configured and implemented to optimize your IT investments. Sirius’ certified Power consultants use the most advanced tools, and draw on decades of experience, to create a high-performance, reliable [...]

Cisco UCS Architecture & Design Services

Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) is a highly efficient and scalable computing architecture that was uniquely designed to maximize virtual infrastructures. It utilizes the latest in data center technologies such as Unified Fabric, FCoE, Extended Memory, Virtualized Adapters, Service Profiles, Dynamic Energy Management and Embedded Management functions that cross administration disciplines. Sirius’ architecture and design [...]

Cisco UCS Proof of Concept Services

Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) is a disruptive technology in the server hardware world. Validating interoperability, performance, availability, scalability and ease of management is a common request for organizations new to UCS. Sirius can assist in acquiring loaner or try-and-buy equipment, along with initial installation and configuration. We will help in defining your solution proof points [...]

Unified Network Proof of Concept Services

Moving from dedicated LAN and SAN hardware to a Unified Network Fabric running Fiber Channel over Ethernet can come with some risk and complexity. Proper setup, configuration and testing in a proof-of-concept environment are highly recommended prior to a full roll-out. Sirius offers services to assist clients in acquiring equipment and providing expert-level skills to [...]

Cabling Services for IBM Z Environments

Cabling requirements are increasingly dependent on how each system is physically configured, and dynamic business environments require timely technology upgrades and machine replacements to respond to system growth. Changes or upgrades to the mainframe hardware environment often require new cabling and provide an opportunity to build a more dynamic environment with business critical systems. Sirius [...]

Physical Infrastructure Project Definition Workshop Services

Making a detailed plan for changing, upgrading, or building a new facility from scratch is not an easy undertaking. However, Sirius can help you through the process. Our Physical Infrastructure Project Definition Workshop Services utilizes the findings of the Sirius Physical Infrastructure Assessment Services to create a final set of drawings and recommendations. A phased [...]

Physical Infrastructure Advisory Services

For some organizations, owning and operating the data center makes perfect sense. For others, it’s an inefficient use of capital and an unnecessary drain on resources. And for the rest, the best balance might be somewhere in between, keeping infrastructure in house when business needs and demands require it, and outsourcing it when it’s more [...]

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