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Sun SPARC/Storage Implementation Services

Because of Sirius’s SPARC experience and specialization, we are best positioned to help you plan, procure and build your server and storage infrastructure as cost-effectively as possible. We determine your current return on investment and help to lower your total cost of ownership. With deep knowledge of Oracle best practices and solutions, Sirius consultants will [...]

Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) Deployments

An ODA deployment can help you limit the licensing of your appliance to the specific core count required, all while optimizing the performance of your application. Our experienced solution architects and consultants will help you answer the following questions: Is ODA the right fit for my organization? Should I deploy this unit as a single [...]

Exadata Services

Upgrade Services Upgrading to the latest version of the Oracle Exadata Database Machine has never been easier. We will work with your teams to improve utilization of your asset and ensure that you are taking advantage of the highest performing, most cost-effective and versatile platform for>your Oracle Database. You have invested heavily in your Oracle platform, now you have the opportunity [...]

Application Architecture and Workload Placement

We will help you conduct a comprehensive analysis of your IT systems and develop a strategy for your workload placements, so you realize significant savings for your organization. To analyze your IT infrastructure for potential cost optimization and to best place your workloads, it is important to respect the three data center constraints beyond simple [...]

Database Health Check

As a database manager or IT professional, you are likely facing increasing pressures to maintain the highest levels of database and application performance. You are caught between managing productivity and your clients’ satisfaction with rising costs and shrinking budgets. Software licensing costs keep you from throwing more hardware or resources at the problem. Outages and [...]

Capacity Planning Assessment

Understanding your infrastructure begins with a Sirius Capacity Planning Assessment. We will work with you to understand your current Oracle database environment, help you build a capacity model, and recommend possible solution paths for your future database platform. This assessment will facilitate a process and provide supporting data to answer these important questions. What is [...]

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