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Operating System Upgrade Services for IBM Power Systems

Upgrading operating systems is an infrequent task for many businesses. As a result, the IT staff may not possess adequate training for performing these upgrades. Our Operating System Upgrade Services for IBM Power Systems include upgrading and installing the most current possible release of AIX, IBM i or Linux on your POWER processor-based servers.

z/VM, z/VSE or VSE/ESA Migration Services

When implementing an Enterprise Management solution for a mainframe environment, an update of the operating environment is often required to support new Enterprise Management applications or functions. Sirius z/VM, z/VSE or VSE/ESA Migration Services will bring your VM or VSE environment up to the current version, release, and maintenance levels.

Mainframe Data Migration Planning & Implementation Services

When replacing an existing mainframe storage subsystem with a new one, how do you move the data? Sirius has successfully migrated hundreds of terabytes of data for our clients. Sirius Data Migration Planning & Implementation Services for Mainframe provide data migration from existing S/390 DASD to other DASD non-disruptively, using IBM TDMF software. Sirius will [...]

Cisco UCS Architecture & Design Services

Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) is a highly efficient and scalable computing architecture that was uniquely designed to maximize virtual infrastructures. It utilizes the latest in data center technologies such as Unified Fabric, FCoE, Extended Memory, Virtualized Adapters, Service Profiles, Dynamic Energy Management and Embedded Management functions that cross administration disciplines. Sirius’ architecture and design [...]

IBM Spectrum Protect Planning & Upgrade Services

IBM Spectrum Protect offers significant improvements to existing TSM environments, including: A database upgrade to Db2, which enhances the ability to store more objects and manage more data, with greater server hardware efficiency Integrated data deduplication technology, which helps reduce storage requirements for backups New near-real-time operational monitoring and reporting (with a customizable dashboard), which [...]

Service Management Assessment Services

Sirius has designed a comprehensive IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)-based assessment process that delivers a roadmap of actionable recommendations to optimize your service delivery. Our consultants can assess your current service management processes, establish your current ITIL maturity level, and assist you in closing the gaps by updating or re-engineering your processes in order to improve: [...]

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Assessment & Design Services

Virtual desktop technology is quickly finding its place in IT architectures. It can enable significantly better user, system and application management, in addition to better data protection. Sirius Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Assessment & Design Services include an assessment of the current desktop, applications and network environments with a focus on end-user usage patterns. Sirius analyzes [...]

Implementation Services for IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Data

IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center (TPC) for Data provides an excellent tool to meet the challenges of monitoring and managing your storage environment. TPC for Data is designed to help identify, evaluate, control, and predict enterprise storage management needs. TPC is often used as part of Enterprise Management solutions. Sirius Implementation Services for IBM TPC [...]

IBM N series/NetApp Health Check Assessment Services

Are you confident that your current IBM N series or NetApp storage environment is completely optimized? Is it maximized for performance? Are you confident of the security and stability of your environment? Sirius storage experts analyze your storage environment to uncover potential improvements with consolidation and virtualization that give you increased growth options, better backup [...]

IBM System z Capacity Planning Services

How can you tell if your IBM z/OS mainframe environment is managing workloads in the most efficient way, enabling you to save money, allocate resources according to peak usage, and stay competitive? Sirius Capacity Planning Services (CPS) for System z determines whether your current I/O and workload capacities are adequately utilized, and provides a detailed [...]

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