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Business Process Enhancements (Re-engineering & Management) Services

Sirius Business Process Enhancements Services can enable your organization to develop a framework for identifying, reviewing, planning, measuring and improving new and existing business processes. Our experienced staff can assist with identifying core business processes in an end-to-end fashion, and help design improvements matched to your organization’s business objectives and strategic vision. From BPM software [...]

Business Modeling for BPM

The Sirius Business Optimization and Legacy Modernization team will lead you in the discovery of process automation and process improvement opportunities. We facilitate discussions designed to provide a more complete and accurate picture of your business workflow. Sirius experts work with your technical and business professionals to create a documented, accurate process map that outlines [...]

IBM Business Process Management Implementation Services

The Sirius Business Optimization team will help to define and create an application that will provide visibility and insight for managing a business process, resulting in better business performance. Our consultants will work directly with your business subject matter experts and technical resources to ensure business objectives are met. We establish a priority of the [...]

Business Optimization Services

Often business agility is difficult to achieve due to poorly integrated systems and a reliance on an overworked IT group for even minor updates to critical business flows. It is possible to build advanced, automated processes while creating a foundation for well integrated systems. Sirius Business Optimization Services improve your business applications through integration and [...]

Collaboration, Portal & Social Business Services

Vendors, partners, customers and employees all play key roles in the success of your organization. In today’s fast-paced, competitive marketplace, ensuring these groups have access to the right information at the right time, so they can make the right decisions, is critical to all businesses. Collaboration and social business help increase the speed at which [...]

Contact Center Services

Contact (call) centers are a major component of many businesses, and require best-of-breed technology for smooth and efficient operations. Sirius offers an array of Contact Center Services that can be used to build and optimize our clients’ customer-care strategies. These services are designed to offer secure, highly available, sophisticated call routing and comprehensive contact management [...]

Commerce Services

Today’s best e-commerce sites focus on the customer as the core of a smarter commerce world. Smarter Commerce goes beyond the traditional commerce sense to optimize supply and demand as they are driven by customer insights and online social behavior. Smarter Commerce means engaging customers through mobile sites and smartphone applications; providing feedback tools through [...]

Enterprise Java Development Services

As business evolves over time, whether from regulations or market conditions, having reusable code assets improves business efficiency by streamlining development efforts. With Enterprise Java Development Services from Sirius, development efforts become more automated, code assets become more reusable, and applications become more stable. Sirius uses agile development methodologies to ensure that switching database vendors, [...]

SOA Integration Development Services

Sirius SOA Integration Development Services include a wide range of deliverables. The Business Optimization team is capable of delivering large-scale SOA initiatives as well as targeted solutions to solve immediate, critical needs. Our team is versed in the major disciplines of SOA: Enterprise Service Bus implementations, Mediation flows and Broker flows, Service Component Architecture, Service [...]

Web Services Design & Creation

Today’s IT systems landscape includes systems with disparate architectures, operating systems and hardware. There is an increasing demand to extend the life of existing IT assets by enabling data access to the existing systems. Web Services provide an industry-standard means of implementing standardized integration and potentially eliminating point-to-point interfaces that are prevalent in existing infrastructure. [...]

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