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Application Architecture and Workload Placement

We will help you conduct a comprehensive analysis of your IT systems and develop a strategy for your workload placements, so you realize significant savings for your organization. To analyze your IT infrastructure for potential cost optimization and to best place your workloads, it is important to respect the three data center constraints beyond simple [...]

Database Health Check

As a database manager or IT professional, you are likely facing increasing pressures to maintain the highest levels of database and application performance. You are caught between managing productivity and your clients’ satisfaction with rising costs and shrinking budgets. Software licensing costs keep you from throwing more hardware or resources at the problem. Outages and [...]

Capacity Planning Assessment

Understanding your infrastructure begins with a Sirius Capacity Planning Assessment. We will work with you to understand your current Oracle database environment, help you build a capacity model, and recommend possible solution paths for your future database platform. This assessment will facilitate a process and provide supporting data to answer these important questions. What is [...]

Oracle Solution Services

When Oracle comes as part of business applications, there may be only basic implementation, and the architecture setup may not support the availability, recoverability and performance needs of business-critical services. This creates scenarios where supporting the application becomes complex, cumbersome, expensive and risky. Sirius can assist you in enhancing your Oracle environments to improve service [...]

Applications Infrastructure Optimization Services

Sirius Applications Infrastructure Optimization Services can provide your organization with comprehensive analysis that looks holistically at your applications infrastructure, and highlights any infrastructure gaps that are hindering the application from fully supporting your availability, recoverability, performance and capacity requirements. The resulting knowledge can be used to limit business exposure, reduce operating costs, and define a [...]

Linux on IBM System z Feasibility Analysis Services

The Linux operating system is clearly making its mark in today’s computing environments, including mainframes. In many instances, leveraging Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) specialty processors on the mainframe is the perfect answer to a business need. A Linux-based application can run on the high-performance, highly available mainframe platform in its native form without a [...]

Mainframe Data Migration Planning & Implementation Services

When replacing an existing mainframe storage subsystem with a new one, how do you move the data? Sirius has successfully migrated hundreds of terabytes of data for our clients. Sirius Data Migration Planning & Implementation Services for Mainframe provide data migration from existing S/390 DASD to other DASD non-disruptively, using IBM TDMF software. Sirius will [...]

Open Systems Data Migration Planning & Implementation Services

When replacing an existing open systems storage subsystem with a new one, how do you move the data? Sirius has successfully migrated hundreds of terabytes of data for our clients. Our Data Migration Planning & Implementation Services for Open Systems includes the migration of data from existing disk subsystems to other disk subsystems non-disruptively, using [...]

Tape Planning & Implementation Services

When it comes to capacity, portability and cost, few data solutions can match the overall efficiency and ease-of-use of tape. Sirius can help you improve tape capacity and operations performance by automating your tape environment. Sirius Tape Planning & Implementation Services include planning and installation of vendor tape library system hardware and associated software, solution [...]

Network-Attached Storage Disk Planning & Implementation Services

A network-attached storage (NAS) solution can improve your data allocation, data availability and data protection functions. With Sirius Network-Attached Storage Disk Planning & Implementation Services, we work with you to plan and execute the physical, logical and network installation of a complete NAS solution. Sirius provides advice on physical and logical configurations, RAID and NAS [...]

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