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Disaster Recovery & High Availability Management Services

Planned outages, unplanned outages and disasters call for maximum reliability, planning and availability, and minimum recovery time. To mitigate risk and have a strong ‘IT insurance policy’ in place, Sirius provides Disaster Recovery & High Availability Management Services.

Systems Management Services

As the economy continues to shift, IT departments are being driven to focus on strategic initiatives to support business growth while reducing operating costs. To help with these challenges, Sirius can provide Managed Services for your IT environment. Our services are designed to manage your infrastructure from your existing data center or from a Sirius-provided [...]

Physical Infrastructure Advisory Services

For some organizations, owning and operating the data center makes perfect sense. For others, it’s an inefficient use of capital and an unnecessary drain on resources. And for the rest, the best balance might be somewhere in between, keeping infrastructure in house when business needs and demands require it, and outsourcing it when it’s more [...]

cNOC Services for Cisco Network Infrastructure

cNOC Services for Cisco Network Infrastructure deliver 24x7 monitoring, maintenance and management by experienced Cisco-certified network administrators. cNOC services are designed to reduce the total cost of ownership by delivering improved Voice over IP (VoIP) and network infrastructure performance and reliability, and by seamlessly adding ongoing compliance-tracking and reporting for compliance. There are two levels [...]

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