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Infrastructure Assessments

Oracle Solution Services

When Oracle comes as part of business applications, there may be only basic implementation, and the architecture setup may not support the availability, recoverability and performance needs of business-critical services. This creates scenarios where supporting the application becomes complex, cumbersome, expensive and risky. Sirius can assist you in enhancing your Oracle environments to improve service [...]

Linux on IBM System z Feasibility Analysis Services

The Linux operating system is clearly making its mark in today’s computing environments, including mainframes. In many instances, leveraging Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) specialty processors on the mainframe is the perfect answer to a business need. A Linux-based application can run on the high-performance, highly available mainframe platform in its native form without a [...]

Network-Attached Storage Disk Planning & Implementation Services

A network-attached storage (NAS) solution can improve your data allocation, data availability and data protection functions. With Sirius Network-Attached Storage Disk Planning & Implementation Services, we work with you to plan and execute the physical, logical and network installation of a complete NAS solution. Sirius provides advice on physical and logical configurations, RAID and NAS [...]

Enterprise Disk Planning & Implementation Services

Having enough storage capacity for your enterprise requires platforms that are designed to scale. Sirius has experience with numerous large-scale storage platforms and can help you stay ahead of the game. Sirius Enterprise Disk Implementation Planning & Installation Services include providing a scalable and reliable storage solution for your mainframe and open systems enterprise environment. [...]

Midrange System Disk Planning & Implementation Services

Easily expandable and manageable storage requires the right products, design and implementation. Sirius has the capability to design and implement a number of the leading midrange storage solutions. Sirius Midrange System Disk Planning & Implementation Services provide a scalable and reliable storage solution for your midrange environment. Sirius will work with you to plan and [...]

Storage Implementation Services

Are you implementing a new SAN architecture for a single server or application? Or a new virtualized infrastructure, a mirrored disaster recovery site, or a storage solution optimized for your server environment? Sirius has talented people nationwide with the experience to help you with storage solutions to enhance your Industry-Standard Server infrastructure. We can design [...]

Blade Implementation & Configuration Services

When you analyze the TCO and ROI of management, networking and data center fabric infrastructure costs, blade technologies prove an excellent value. A thoughtfully configured and well-implemented blade solution can significantly reduce costs, improve productivity, streamline business processes and enable better collaboration. And virtualized (Hypervisor-enabled) blades can coexist next to traditional physical blades running the [...]

Server Implementation & Configuration Services

Successful organizations know how to leverage technology to create operational efficiencies and get the best returns on their IT investments. A well implemented IT solution can help reduce costs, improve productivity, streamline business processes, and enable better collaboration. Sirius has seasoned professionals who can plan, order, install and configure Industry-Standard Server (ISS) hardware, operating systems [...]

Unified Network Proof of Concept Services

Moving from dedicated LAN and SAN hardware to a Unified Network Fabric running Fiber Channel over Ethernet can come with some risk and complexity. Proper setup, configuration and testing in a proof-of-concept environment are highly recommended prior to a full roll-out. Sirius offers services to assist clients in acquiring equipment and providing expert-level skills to [...]

Physical Infrastructure Project Definition Workshop Services

Making a detailed plan for changing, upgrading, or building a new facility from scratch is not an easy undertaking. However, Sirius can help you through the process. Our Physical Infrastructure Project Definition Workshop Services utilizes the findings of the Sirius Physical Infrastructure Assessment Services to create a final set of drawings and recommendations. A phased [...]

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