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Logistics Services

Once a disaster has occurred and the plan has been executed, what’s the process for restoring your business? Sirius Logistics Services will describe the processes for restoring all enterprise services. These include all department-level services as well as IT services. This service will outline who is responsible for the restoration, facility identification for the restoration, [...]

BC & DR Architecture Standards Services

Do your service architecture standards meet the business requirements for business protection? Sirius Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Architecture Standards Services include facilities provisioning, risk mitigation, replication/redundancy requirements, and automation/documentation levels for restoration of service. We will work with you to establish standards that satisfy the financial obligations and scope that are defined during the [...]

Availability & Recoverability Optimization Analysis & Management

Sirius Availability & Recoverability Optimization Analysis & Management can help you identify, review, plan and measure the availability levels of your IT services. Our experienced staff can assist with identifying agreement statistics, establishing service restoration points and timelines with business units, determining capacity requirements, and measuring existing availability levels. From service availability reviews to widespread [...]

Comprehensive BCRS Analysis, Planning, Integration & Testing Services

The growth and viability of an organization is based on having a well developed business strategy in place. Sirius Comprehensive Business Continuity & Resiliency Analysis, Planning, Integration & Testing Services can ensure that, in the event of a serious incident, there is a smooth continuation of your end-to-end business functions beyond just your IT infrastructure. [...]

Parallel Sysplex Design & Implementation Services for IBM Z

Your mainframe environment is a critical part of your business, with demanding requirements such as no single point of failure, continuous availability, high performance, and rapid scalability. Sirius’ capabilities with IBM’s Parallel Sysplex Technology can help you with all of these challenges. Sirius Parallel Sysplex Design & Implementation Services provide assistance with the infrastructure planning [...]

Backup / Recovery Design and Installation Services for IBM Power Systems

Protecting your business data is a fundamental IT requirement. Sirius Backup/Recovery Design and Installation Services help you with the design and implementation of one or more backup and recovery environments for any number of IBM Power Systems servers. If encryption or advanced archive functions are needed, then additional product options can also be added and [...]

System Recovery Testing Services for IBM Power Systems

Simply backing up your IT system data may be giving you a false sense of security. Until you have thoroughly tested restoring your key systems and applications, you are running the risk of experiencing an extended business outage. Sirius System Recovery Testing Services enables a hardware and software environment that is capable of successfully managing [...]

High Availability Assessment & Implementation Services for IBM Power Systems

Creating a highly available server configuration can be a challenging task. Sirius consultants are certified and experienced with high availability, and use the full range of HA products from IBM and Vision Solutions to help manage planned and unplanned downtime. Sirius High Availability Assessment & Implementation Services include an installation planning session, assistance with software [...]

Replication Implementation Services for IBM Power Systems

If your business processes thousands or millions of transactions per day, then you may have specific exposure to data loss that needs to be addressed. It may be necessary to copy your data to another location in near-real time in order to minimize the impact on your transactions in the event of a system outage. [...]

Virtual Backup & Recovery Plan Implementation Services

Implementing a backup and recovery infrastructure for a virtual environment is an important step that demands attention, but is often difficult to implement. Proper implementation can help your business recover quickly from any event ranging from the failure of a single virtual machine to the corruption of your entire data center. Sirius’ Virtual Backup & [...]

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