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Operating System Upgrade Services for IBM Power Systems

Upgrading operating systems is an infrequent task for many businesses. As a result, the IT staff may not possess adequate training for performing these upgrades. Our Operating System Upgrade Services for IBM Power Systems include upgrading and installing the most current possible release of AIX, IBM i or Linux on your POWER processor-based servers.

Systems Programming & Technical Support Services for IBM System z

As Enterprise Management solutions progress in their life cycle, system programming changes are often required to address changes in the business environment. Sirius Systems Programming and Technical Support Services provide you with hourly services to perform system programming tasks. This service gives you the ultimate flexibility while providing access to some of the industry’s most [...]

Systems Management Implementation Services

No matter how many servers you require to run your business, keeping them functioning at optimal levels is a business-critical priority. Sirius experts are certified and experienced in helping clients design and implement systems management tools. We provide initial set-up, integration with macro management systems, and knowledge transfer to meet your business and technical requirements. [...]

Microsoft Active Directory Implementation Services

Not sure how to implement a robust Active Directory environment? Sirius Microsoft Active Directory Implementation Services use a proven methodology and industry best practices. Upon completion of the implementation, Sirius will provide you with complete documentation of the new environment.

Microsoft Active Directory Migration & Upgrade Services

Managing users, departments and IT assets is complicated, but Microsoft Active Directory technology can help. Sirius has Active Directory expertise and experience, and can help you migrate from your existing directory services environment to Microsoft Active Directory using a proven methodology and industry best practices. Upon completion of the migration, Sirius will provide complete documentation [...]

Data Center Applications & IT Services Moves & Relocations

Sirius Data Center Applications and IT Services Move/Relocation Services use a top-down approach, from understanding the business processes/services, their mapping to applications, the dependencies of applications, and all associated IT infrastructure components. We conduct and manage the workshops and discovery sessions to understand, document and map the applications data flow, dependencies, interfaces, communications and links. [...]

Hardware Relocation Services

Moving your business, or just your IT infrastructure, from one location to another requires a great deal of orchestration and planning. Sirius’ physical infrastructure engineers have a wealth of experience in relocating IT and facilities hardware. Sirius Hardware Relocation Services include the creation of a relocation inventory, walk-through at each center, coordination of vendors for [...]

Endpoint Management Entry Edition

With today’s growing number of nonstandard endpoints and increasingly sophisticated security threats, corporations need an approach that will provide them with real-time visibility across all platforms, including mobile devices. Based on IBM Endpoint Manager, Sirius Endpoint Management Entry Edition helps you achieve smarter, faster endpoint management by combining endpoint and security management into a single [...]

BC & DR Remediation Services

Do you have gaps in your business continuity plan? If you’re unsure or just need help fixing them, Sirius can help. Our Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Remediation Services include a series of gap closure or risk mitigation projects designed to align service delivery with your organization’s business requirements.

Disaster Declaration Services

When do you declare a disaster and put your business continuity plan into action? Sirius Disaster Declaration Services will educate you on how to identify, verify and determine when to initiate business continuity or disaster recovery plans. The declaration process represents all of the activities that happen between the occurrence of a catastrophic event and [...]

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