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Installation Services for IBM Power Systems

IBM Power Systems servers are running business-critical applications for hundreds of thousands of companies. Sirius can help you make sure that your Power Systems environment is designed, configured and implemented to optimize your IT investments. Sirius’ certified Power consultants use the most advanced tools, and draw on decades of experience, to create a high-performance, reliable [...]

Cisco UCS Architecture & Design Services

Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) is a highly efficient and scalable computing architecture that was uniquely designed to maximize virtual infrastructures. It utilizes the latest in data center technologies such as Unified Fabric, FCoE, Extended Memory, Virtualized Adapters, Service Profiles, Dynamic Energy Management and Embedded Management functions that cross administration disciplines. Sirius’ architecture and design [...]

Unified Network Proof of Concept Services

Moving from dedicated LAN and SAN hardware to a Unified Network Fabric running Fiber Channel over Ethernet can come with some risk and complexity. Proper setup, configuration and testing in a proof-of-concept environment are highly recommended prior to a full roll-out. Sirius offers services to assist clients in acquiring equipment and providing expert-level skills to [...]

Physical Infrastructure Project Definition Workshop Services

Making a detailed plan for changing, upgrading, or building a new facility from scratch is not an easy undertaking. However, Sirius can help you through the process. Our Physical Infrastructure Project Definition Workshop Services utilizes the findings of the Sirius Physical Infrastructure Assessment Services to create a final set of drawings and recommendations. A phased [...]

Wireless Network Installation Services

Extending the reach of your network with wireless technology can be a complicated task. By leveraging Sirius’ experience you can take the guesswork out of the equation. Sirius Wireless Network Installation Services provide a high-quality Wireless LAN implementation that offers outstanding performance to network users and applications. To support these applications, wireless networks are increasingly [...]

Private Cloud Design & Implementation Services

Every business has unique requirements, and will need slightly different characteristics in its cloud. If a private or a hybrid cloud better suits your organization’s needs, Sirius will guide you through the next steps of designing and implementing it. Sirius’ cloud experts will guide you through the process. Sirius can also implement the solution, apply [...]

Business Process Enhancements (Re-engineering & Management) Services

Sirius Business Process Enhancements Services can enable your organization to develop a framework for identifying, reviewing, planning, measuring and improving new and existing business processes. Our experienced staff can assist with identifying core business processes in an end-to-end fashion, and help design improvements matched to your organization’s business objectives and strategic vision. From BPM software [...]

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Assessment & Design Services

Virtual desktop technology is quickly finding its place in IT architectures. It can enable significantly better user, system and application management, in addition to better data protection. Sirius Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Assessment & Design Services include an assessment of the current desktop, applications and network environments with a focus on end-user usage patterns. Sirius analyzes [...]

Storage Consolidation to IBM Power Systems Services

IBM Power Systems servers provide an extremely versatile platform for enterprise computing, and can even act as the storage consolidation target platform for x86/x64 applications. Sirius Storage Consolidation Services include the design and implementation of a consolidated storage pool strategy for single or multiple x86/x64 environments using distributed systems and iSCSI technology. By consolidating x86/x64 [...]

Virtualization Assessment & Design Services

Is your business leveraging server virtualization as part of its IT strategy? Need help getting started? Sirius Virtualization Assessment & Design Services include a current state assessment of the existing physical and virtual environment deployed on industry-standard servers. Sirius can analyze processor, memory, storage, and network utilization patterns and make consolidation recommendations. Sirius can then [...]

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