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Open Source – Red Hat Readiness Assessment Services

IT organizations are looking to open-source solutions for several reasons: they lower total cost of ownership, they make it easier to embark on new IT projects or software initiatives, and they prevent single-vendor lock-in. Sirius provides a comprehensive assessment to show you where open-source solutions from Red Hat can help your organization reduce costs. The [...]

Microsoft Active Directory Migration & Upgrade Services

Managing users, departments and IT assets is complicated, but Microsoft Active Directory technology can help. Sirius has Active Directory expertise and experience, and can help you migrate from your existing directory services environment to Microsoft Active Directory using a proven methodology and industry best practices. Upon completion of the migration, Sirius will provide complete documentation [...]

Data Center Applications & IT Services Moves & Relocations

Sirius Data Center Applications and IT Services Move/Relocation Services use a top-down approach, from understanding the business processes/services, their mapping to applications, the dependencies of applications, and all associated IT infrastructure components. We conduct and manage the workshops and discovery sessions to understand, document and map the applications data flow, dependencies, interfaces, communications and links. [...]

BC & DR Policy & Awareness Services

Who owns your BC/DR plan, and how do you change it when needed? Sirius Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Policy & Awareness Services identify and recommend any adjustments to plan ownership and awareness of your BC and DR plans. Plan ownership also addresses the methods for plan currency, change control, distribution and education.

BC & DR Remediation Services

Do you have gaps in your business continuity plan? If you’re unsure or just need help fixing them, Sirius can help. Our Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Remediation Services include a series of gap closure or risk mitigation projects designed to align service delivery with your organization’s business requirements.

Logistics Services

Once a disaster has occurred and the plan has been executed, what’s the process for restoring your business? Sirius Logistics Services will describe the processes for restoring all enterprise services. These include all department-level services as well as IT services. This service will outline who is responsible for the restoration, facility identification for the restoration, [...]

BC & DR Architecture Standards Services

Do your service architecture standards meet the business requirements for business protection? Sirius Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Architecture Standards Services include facilities provisioning, risk mitigation, replication/redundancy requirements, and automation/documentation levels for restoration of service. We will work with you to establish standards that satisfy the financial obligations and scope that are defined during the [...]

Enterprise Business Impact Analysis Services

Do you know how your business would be affected if a disaster occurred tomorrow? Sirius Enterprise Business Impact Analysis Services will identify the impact—and escalating impact over time—that the loss of a given service or resource would have on your business’s ability to deliver on its mission, and its overall financial stability. The service deliverables [...]

Emergency Preparedness: Recovery Current State Assessment & Roadmap Services

Has your business continuity and disaster recovery plan ever been reviewed to ensure you have the necessary processes in place to survive any emergency? Sirius Emergency Preparedness: Recovery Current State Assessment & Roadmap Services involve the collection and thorough review of documentation concerning your organization’s current state of emergency preparedness, business continuity and/or disaster recovery [...]

Emergency Preparedness Workshop

Business continuity programs need clear executive ownership, a defined scope, stated objectives, risk analysis, and business impact analysis to fully protect your business. The purpose of this workshop is to provide business continuity program-development education to executives and project leaders who will be responsible for driving the organization’s business continuity and IT disaster recovery programs. [...]

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