Sirius Rebrands for First Time in Almost 20 Years

Sirius has changed a lot since we last updated our brand in 1997. We have evolved from a value-added reseller to an integrator of best-of-breed business and data center solutions that are built on technologies from the world’s leading providers, and implemented by the industry’s deepest bench of services professionals.

That’s why we are launching a rebranding effort that supports and extends our unique story. We are excited to unveil our updated brand, which includes a new tagline and logo. This transformation illustrates our company’s evolution, and further represents our roadmap for the future.

“Sirius continues to grow and evolve. This updated branding helps us stay fresh, reflects our evolution, and represents the heart of who Sirius really is.” –Michael Harwood, Senior VP of Marketing, Sirius


What are the changes and why?

  • An updated brand and positioning. The world and the industry have changed a lot in the last 20 years. Resellers compete on commodity pricing and marginal added value. Leaders are defined specifically by the unique value of the offerings they provide. That’s why Sirius is now focused entirely on being an integrator of business solutions that go far beyond just reselling hardware, software and services. Our team brings unique value due to its extraordinary expertise and experience.
  • Dropping “Computer Solutions” from our identity. Sirius is no longer “just a computer company.” We build technology-based solutions that address our clients’ business challenges. In fact, the fastest-growing parts of our business are now software and services. The legal name of the corporation is still Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc., but from now on, the company will be referred to in daily communications as “Sirius”.
  • Launching “The Brightest Minds in the Business” as our official tagline. This reinforces the Sirius name (the brightest star in the night sky) and links it specifically with the fact that we have the best trained, smartest professionals in the industry.

Sirius Logos Over the Years

The new logo keeps elements of the Sirius brand as it has evolved since our founding in 1980, and makes it worthy of a 21st-century industry leader.

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