Automation – An Important Part of your Data Center

Today’s data center architectures are becoming more complex and increasingly software-defined, making them increasingly difficult to manage without a strong automation strategy. Agile processes have brought great changes to the supporting application development landscape. Now, we must manage a complete, end-to-end pipeline starting with new coding and faster practices, and then move into new testing [...]

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Do You Know the Sirius IT Consulting Practice?

When you need expert guidance and support for complex projects that span multiple technologies, vendors and even business units, where can you turn? Made up of roughly 25 highly experienced former CxOs, IT executives, and industry and technical experts, the Sirius IT Consulting practice provides strategic and tactical guidance to ensure high success rates and [...]

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Multi-Modal Data: Data Warehousing Isn’t What It Used to Be – Part Two

In this part two series of Multi-Modal Data blog, you will learn which modality is best for you. Click here to read part one of this blog series, which covers the differences of the various data warehousing modalities. Which modality is best? When is one technology or modality better than another? Are there trade-offs for [...]

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