The Benefits of a Hub-and-Spoke Integration Model

Organizations today use hundreds of applications and a mix of new and legacy technologies to keep business running. Integrating applications and systems with relevant data is key for creating a seamless customer experience and provides users with a common layer to monitor business activity and piece together valuable data insights. Because they are not built [...]

The Evolution of Access Management in IAM

Identity and access management (IAM) has become the cornerstone of enterprise security. IAM is critical to an organization’s successful IT security strategy as a framework of business procedures, policies, processes and technologies that manage user identities and access. Organizations and enterprises today must have an IAM strategy in place to manage access to company resources [...]

3 Benefits to Adopting a Storage as a Service Model

Don’t you wish you could pay only for the storage you use, the way you pay for utility services? Maybe you want more flexibility to add capacity to your storage infrastructure only when you need it? Many people are examining the benefits of storage as a service model, but why? The question may be, why [...]

The 4 Pillars of Identity Management & Governance

The recent Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report concludes that stolen credentials now account for 61% of all data breaches. A zero-trust security framework is your enterprise’s best defense against bad actors and exfiltration of your most valuable data, and identity access management (IAM) is the cornerstone of that framework. There are four primary functions of [...]

Why Secure Your IoT Data With a Zero-Trust Strategy?

If you’ve felt like new reports of data hacks and security breaches are becoming more common, it’s not your imagination. In fact, many organizations have begun adopting zero-trust IoT security strategies to protect their IoT data from potential breaches. The recent influx of supply chain attacks and cyberattacks via Internet of Things (IoT) technology has [...]

New Webinar On Demand: Overcome Cyberinsurance & Compliance Challenges

The remote workforce movement has changed the way businesses operate as well as the extensiveness of cybersecurity programs—and that has driven unprecedented demand for cyberinsurance. But attaining coverage and maintaining compliance are often challenging. Carriers are demanding that policyholders have extensive countermeasures and backup protections in place, and some organizations are being denied coverage altogether. [...]

6 Exciting Announcements Made at Snowflake Summit 2022

The Sirius Data & Analytics Consulting team recently attended Snowflake Summit 2022 in Las Vegas; the first time the annual conference has been held in person since 2019. This year’s event was a departure from the much smaller inaugural Snowflake Summit 2019 held in San Francisco. Whether it was due to being in a room [...]

How Sirius and Intel Can Help With Instance Selection

One item you must carefully choose when designing a cloud environment is the instance type for your virtual machines (VMs). You may ask yourself, “What benefits do certain instance types present to my environment?” Many benefits are essential to consider before beginning your cloud journey. Below are three benefits of instance types we have identified [...]

3 Best Ways to Use Edge Computing in the Digital Economy

Interest in using edge computing to improve business outcomes and accelerate digital transformation has skyrocketed recently. Edge computing is a form of computing that’s done right at the source where data is generated, minimizing the need to process data in a central data center. It brings compute, storage and networking closer to the consumer. For [...]

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