Healthcare System Hardware Refresh

Healthcare system’s hardware refresh boosts efficiencies, lowers costs and positions client for future upgrades.

The Challenge

A major nonprofit healthcare system comprising scores of hospitals and hundreds of care facilities in multiple states needed a hardware refresh for its electronic health record (EHR) system to meet the capacity and availability needs of growing clinical systems and applications. The client also needed greater efficiencies, reliability and manageability—as well as more robust security—in a time of aggressive growth through mergers and acquisitions.

The Solution

Sirius’s dedicated Healthcare Solutions practice (Sirius Healthcare) successfully helped the client manage the major migration, taking into consideration technical
and standardization limitations as well as staffing and organizational constraints.

The process of building an EHR migration path began with comprehensive audits of the client’s needs, project blockers, timelines and goals. The result was a roadmap that included a range of possible migration scenarios tailored to the unique demands of their healthcare environment.

Sirius also helped the client find an optimal hardware provider and navigate to the most cost-effective, sustainable and manageable solution. It had to position the client to be less reactive and more innovative in its long-term IT vision, budget and architecture. That focus led the team to select a solution that satisfied all of the requirements established by the client, built around an Intel x86-based VMware cluster hosting Red Hat Enterprise Linux and InterSystems Caché database for the environment. The solution fits into a standard support and operation model across multiple data centers.

The Benefits

  • Upfront investments and maintenance costs for hardware, software and operational maintenance were decreased.
  • Sirius helped the client maximize the value in its EHR infrastructure investment by delivering a solution that includes multiple disaster recovery clusters that had not originally been budgeted or planned for.
  • With EHR systems requiring periodic hardware refreshes, the client is now positioned to undertake the next migration without being locked into vendor-specific hardware. This way, the client can move to any manufacturer’s Intel-based server system in the future without a major application overhaul.
  • The client can now choose from among multiple vendors with Sirius helping navigate to the most cost-effective, supportable and manageable option.
  • The solution promotes greater financial and long-term sustainability of IT infrastructure and management, with reduced operating costs and consistent technology management and methodologies.
  • Working together with Intel, Sirius helped the client make informed technology and budgetary decisions that created minimal impact on clinical services and enhanced the experience for clinicians and patients.
  • The solution equips the client to manage its technologies and outcomes in a predictable, manageable and affordable way.

“We felt really good about this project because we positioned the client to plan for and manage future infrastructure upgrades with minimum impact on clinical application services and clinical technologies—plus, we gave them a predictable roadmap for their future upgrades.”

—Sirius Healthcare Solutions Advisor

Intel® Processors Drive Healthcare Infrastructure Solutions of the Future

The Sirius solution for EHRs integrates the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable Platinum processors for maximum density per blade. With 24 cores and 48 threads, these powerful processors are workload-optimized to support data center and hybrid cloud infrastructures for high-demand applications.

Advanced features are already built into the silicon, including Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel® AVX-512) for optimal performance, hardware-enhanced security to protect data, and system operations, and Intel® QuickAssist Technology for speedy data compression and cryptography.

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