Maximizing a Microsoft 365 Investment With MessageOps

A healthcare client moves to MessageOps to maximize the value of their Microsoft 365 investment.

The Client

An integrated network of academic and community clinicians, researchers, hospitals and ambulatory facilities.

The Challenge

This client was struggling with lackluster support and time-consuming manual license procurement procedures with the Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) that was administering both their Microsoft 365 subscriptions of roughly 1,100 seats and their Microsoft Azure cloud environment.

The Solution

MessageOps, a division of Sirius, was able to immediately provide white-glove support with an average 30-minute response time and a self-service portal for instant new license provisioning, as well as a wide spectrum of tools, training and services. License provisioning is now fully automated, and Azure consumption is closely monitored. In addition, an array of other services and tools allows this client to maximize the value of their Microsoft investment for a minimal cost increase.

The Results

  • Multiday wait times for new licenses were reduced to seconds with MessageOps’ self-service Inscape License and Assign portal.
  • The client was able to stop “stocking” more than 20 licenses at a cost of $50 per license per month, as they can now activate them as soon as they order them.
  • In addition to 24x7x365 support, the client now enjoys services and proprietary tools for increased productivity and collaboration that allow them to mitigate security risks, reduce costs and free up time for more productive activities.

A Transformational Move to MessageOps

In October 2020, this integrated healthcare organization was dealing with long response times and time-consuming manual procedures for provisioning and decommissioning their Microsoft 365 licenses for new hires and departing employees. The organization regularly onboards and decommissions up to 20 employees per month, and the manual process for purchasing and decommissioning their licenses included phone calls and multiday waits. This forced the organization to stock extra licenses so that new hires could be assigned a license on the day of their onboarding. In addition, the client was spending roughly $70,000 per month for its Azure cloud environment, yet had no way to proactively monitor those costs. Value-added services were non-existent. All this changed dramatically when the client switched to MessageOps, gaining access to proprietary tools and utilities as well as 24x7x365 support at the highest levels of excellence with a minimal increase in costs—not to mention the savings realized because they no longer had to stock unused licenses. This also freed up time for license administrators, and allowed new hires to become productive sooner. “Now, in just two clicks, they can get that license,” said the Sirius client executive for this client. “The second main issue we solved was to eliminate the shelf costs for all those licenses, which is counterintuitive in a SaaS model,” he said, adding, “The client has a new trusted partner they can go to for advice and professional services, and to look for new ways to grow.”

The MessageOps proprietary offerings include:

Inscape, a Microsoft 365 management and reporting platform that simplifies 365 management and increases security and environment visibility, while reducing operating and licensing costs and maximizing ROI. For example, the client’s onboarding/offboarding process is now a two-click process, and their Microsoft Active Directory system software for domain networks is closely monitored with access to over 100 dynamic, self-service reports.

Inscape Anomaly, an Azure cost management service that provides cost anomaly alerts and predictions for the client’s Azure environment by monitoring Azure consumption patterns daily to eliminate any surprises in the client’s Azure monthly bill. Code irregularities, human error, development bugs, malicious actors and even unexpected client loads can cause spikes in bills. This offering eliminates those surprises, alerting clients the moment there is a cost concern.

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About MessageOps

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