A National Law Firm Employs IaaS for Transformative Business Outcomes

What could be better? A Sirius & HPE GreenLake hybrid cloud solution combines security, ease of management, and cost predictability while accelerating productivity.

The Client

One of the largest injury law firms in the country with over 5,000 employees operating in 50 states.

The Challenge

The fast-growing law firm was on-boarding 50 to 75 employees per month, far exceeding the scalability of its existing IT resources and infrastructure. It was critical for the firm to have a scalable environment that allowed their virtual desktops to expand at the same rate as the business hired new employees. With plans to aggressively grow the workforce in the next 18 months, it was imperative for the firm to find a solution.

The Solution

After reviewing an array of solutions from hyperscalers and OEMs, the client chose Sirius, a CDW company, to lead their transition to an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution based on the HPE GreenLake hybrid cloud operating model. Sirius worked closely with the client to reach a competitive price but also on implementation, on-boarding, capacity planning, change management, operations, and training.

The Results

The client realized great value in the Sirius/HPE GreenLake platform solution, according to Sirius Sr. Client Executive Scott McPherson. “It allows them to project cost that scales with the business but also provides important business outcomes such as empowering and enabling the growing workforce to be productive as quickly as humanly possible.”
The solution combines security, visibility, ease of management and pay-per-use predictability, all while accelerating data center transformation and—perhaps most importantly—empowering new hires to be productive at an accelerated pace as their workspace tools are now available the day they start. The HPE GreenLake platform provides the client with a broad portfolio of cloud services such as networking, storage, compute, data protection and more, with no up-front cost. The cloud model accelerates business outcomes with pay-per-use flexibility and simplified IT operations.
In addition, the solution allows the client’s technical resources to focus on strategic empowerment and enablement of employees rather than the minutiae of data center operations, McPherson said, adding that the solution provides a foundation for future long-term strategies, opening “new tech” opportunities that have never been seen before in the legal industry.

About HPE GreenLake

HPE GreenLake is a management platform that provides a consistent cloud experience for all applications and data through an online operations console that runs, manages and optimizes the entire hybrid cloud. HPE GreenLake also provides a cloud pay-for-usage model on-premises. Building on HPE’s server, storage, network, software and services, along with those from selected industry leaders, the service can be installed onsite or at a co-location facility. Buffer capacity can be deployed ahead of demand, and clients pay only when capacity is used, subject to a reserved capacity charge. When the buffer capacity is used, replenishment is based on the client’s capacity forecast which provides lead time for deployment of incremental capacity to meet new demand. The client is billed monthly for usage based on metered data so that charges are aligned with consumption of services. This can help reduce the risk of investing too much or too little up front in IT infrastructure, as well as help ease the acquisition process for infrastructure.

“It provides the client with cloud-like economics, but in a private cloud setting with scale to grow. Network latency has also been removed from the equation.”

—Scott McPherson

Sirius Sr. Client Executive

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