Fortune 500 Company Taps Sirius Managed Services for Backup as a Service

After three successful years with Sirius BaaS, an enterprise client plans a footprint expansion.

The Client

A Fortune 500 company that provides financial services

The Challenge

An acquisitive, publicly traded company, this Sirius client was maintaining five on-premises legacy backup and recovery solutions they had inherited over time. This made centralized reporting on their data protection difficult and time-consuming, and validation of both protection across the environments and daily backup success rates took up an inordinate amount of time for internal resources. In addition, the client had to work with five vendors and varying renewal dates for hardware and software renewals, support and refreshes.

The Solution

Working with Sirius Managed Services, the client replaced the five backup solutions with Sirius Managed Services’ Backup as a Service (BaaS), a fully managed data protection solution including software, hardware and 24×7 support for one fixed monthly fee. The client elected to house their critical information off-site in Sirius’ highly secure Tier III Data Center with Sirius Managed Services maintaining copies of all backups in our secondary data center rather than in the client’s data centers. The move freed up the client’s internal resources from the maintenance of backup infrastructure while providing a scalable, flexible central solution with improved uptime and visibility into system performance.

The Benefits

  • A 99% daily backup success rate has been achieved for all systems protected by Sirius BaaS
  • The client’s 8×5 support plan was upgraded to 24×7 support
  • The client now has more predictable costs and more control over a highly secure environment

Three Successful Years with Sirius BaaS and a Footprint Expansion Ahead

In 2018, this Sirius client replaced five disparate on-premises backup and recovery solutions with a fully managed turnkey solution for data protection, including software, hardware, and 24×7 support. The Sirius BaaS solution stores the client’s data in Sirius’ Tier III primary data center in Chicago and maintains copies of all backups in a secondary Sirius data center. All data backups take place over private 10 Gb WAN circuits between the client’s data centers and the Sirius data centers.

The replaced on-premises solutions were time-consuming to manage and prevented central reporting on the data protection status. In addition, there was no backup infrastructure in the client’s data centers. They also consumed internal resources with routine tasks. “Their engineers and architects no longer have to deal with day-to-day fire drills related to failed backup jobs or failed data protection systems,” said the Sirius Managed Services account manager for the client. “And they no longer have to deal with the planning and execution of renewals, upgrades or refreshes,” adding that a typical timeline to plan and execute the upgrade or replacement of a backup solution can be up to 12 months.

The client’s dedicated Sirius Managed Services team handles all aspects of backups and restoration operations, yet the client has easy access to their system through the Sirius BaaS Portal, which allows them to perform routine data protection and recovery tasks, and to monitor backups and restores in real time. Sirius Managed Services maintains the backup infrastructure to ensure availability of the infrastructure for backup and restore operations. The client’s IT stakeholders and their dedicated Sirius team meet monthly to review the performance of the service and to share reports showing system status, backup success rates and other critical metrics.

Three years of success later, the client is working with Sirius to expand their BaaS footprint. “There have been occasions over the last three years where the client has needed to perform rapid restores for systems that were corrupted, and the Sirius BaaS team performed flawlessly,” said the Sirius account manager, adding, “Sirius’ BaaS team has also worked very well with the client to quickly resolve any failed backups and rerun the backup job to maintain the very high backup success rate.”

Daily Backup Success Rate
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Sirius BaaS solutions provide comprehensive 24×7 management of backup and recovery operations under strict service level agreements (SLAs), allowing clients to focus on their core business priorities while retaining ownership of their backup technology. Sirius BaaS solutions employ flexible service options and are available in specific packages to best meet any data protection needs and budgets. Clients can mix and match—or customize a package for a specific application—based on their unique requirements. And they can meet internal and regulatory requirements with our cost-effective, predictable monthly cost structure. Visit us online to learn more and contact us for a discussion of your needs.