Electrical Distributor Modernizes Recovery Strategy

An electrical distributor modernizes its recovery strategy dramatically reducing risk.

The Client

A large and rapidly expanding distributor of electrical supplies

The Challenge

In 2016, this client was rapidly expanding its IT infrastructure to support the aggressive growth of its business, but was doing so with an outdated, on-premises data center, limited IT staff and management resources. The client’s disaster recovery strategy did not offer the appropriate services to support its critical applications with appropriate speed and simplicity. At the same time, its disaster recovery contract was expiring. The client decided to seek a more holistic, modern approach to re-engineering its IT production sites’ resiliency and disaster recovery strategy.

The Solution

The client had decided to upgrade its IT production infrastructure, and following an evaluation and recommendation by Sirius, the environment was moved to a new and more resilient co-location facility out of state. This decision dramatically reduced risks and also permitted the client to reallocate its legacy data center space to support expanding day-to-day business operations. Sirius engaged its Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) partner, Recovery Point. The partners collaborated closely with the client to establish improved and more aggressive recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs) for appropriate resiliency for various tiers of IBM® AIX®, as well as physical and virtual IBM x86 environments in its rapidly growing IT infrastructure. In addition, Sirius and Recovery Point designed and implemented the client’s recovery network infrastructure in order to support the required enhanced recovery times.

Specifically, the end–to-end solution combined dedicated storage, network services to capture replicated data from the production environment, dedicated cloud compute Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for recovery and subscription-based IBM AIX, and virtual and physical x86 resources to be used in the event of a significant disruption of operations. Sirius Managed Services also assumed responsibility for all day-to-day management and monitoring of the client’s combined production and recovery environments.

The Benefits

The client dramatically reduced risk related to day-to-day IT production operations, and now has confidence that its disaster recovery solution is properly aligned with its production processes so that all IT operations will be recovered quickly in the event of either a full or partial loss. In addition, the client re-allocated valuable data center resources that had previously supported its own IT operations, and re-purposed them for more high-value activities associated with the expansion of its core business. With this new solution in place, the client also enjoys contractual flexibility that allows it to easily make changes to its recovery resources to match its production IT infrastructure’s growth. What’s more, any changes to its RTOs and/or RPOs required to meet any new business expectations for resiliency can now be easily made.

About the Sirius DRaaS Partnership with Recovery Point

Sirius and Recovery Point are partners in the design and management of business recovery, hybrid cloud recovery and high availability solutions across a wide range of heterogeneous platforms and technologies. This strategic relationship spans both production and disaster recovery deployments hosted at Recovery Point’s Tier III-certified facilities. Sirius’ deep managed services expertise complements Recovery Point’s capabilities, creating unique turnkey solutions that are offered by both organizations.

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