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Wendi O'Neill is the Practice Manager, Data & Analytics Solutions for Sirius Computer Solutions.

A New Blueprint for the Modern Data Warehouse

Companies today are struggling under the weight of their legacy data warehouses. These old and inefficient systems were designed for a different era, when data was a side project and access to analytics was limited to the executive team. Modern companies are placing data analytics in the center of every activity—from applications to operations—and arming [...]

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Cloud or On-Prem: The Data Warehousing Crossroads

If you’ve gone down the path of a data warehouse you are likely at a crossroads. Should you move all or some of your data defined business requirements to the cloud? Enterprises of all kinds are starting to look down that road. Before we compare and contrast the two, it’s important to understand the benefits [...]

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Plan Your Data-Driven Digital Transformation Journey

Organizations leverage internal and external data to anticipate customer needs, provide better service, deliver better outcomes, and disrupt existing markets with business models. The amount of analyzed data that is “touched” by cognitive systems will grow by a factor of 100 to 1.4ZB in 2025. And it’s no surprise that studies are predicting more than [...]

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Driving Data Productivity

Digital transformation is among us. Is your organization a disruptor? Those among the disruptors are in the driver’s seat of innovation, giving their companies a leg up on the competition and improving their financial performance. But what’s driving their disruptions? Data is a key factor in digital transformation success. Having valuable, actionable data gives organizations [...]

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Removing the Blind Spots in Your Data

As organizations are migrating workloads to the cloud, concerns rise around complexity, loss of visibility, lack of security, and inability to forecast costs. However, moving workloads to the cloud allows the removal of blind spots. You can’t protect what you can’t see. Moreover, you can’t operate what you can’t see; you can’t manage cost for [...]

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White Paper: How Data Feedback Drives DevOps Success

Many organizations struggle with implementing agile solutions that can respond to change and opportunity as fast as customers demand. The successful ones are focusing their efforts on improving their DevOps strategy through real-time data. According to Splunk’s Driving DevOps Success with Data White Paper, “Without a platform to provide data-driven feedback, DevOps is unlikely to [...]

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Sirius Helps Retailer Implement a Custom SIEM Solution

Sirius recently worked with a national retailer to provide a customized security SIEM solution. The client wanted a solution that would allow them to “Splunk” all their events and then send a subset of events and alerts to IBM QRadar. This approach allowed the retailer to have full coverage of their security and operational data [...]

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Why Analytics-driven Cybersecurity?

The Golden State Warriors NBA team collects data on just about everything. In fact, its ability to pull analytics from data has played a key role in turning one of the league’s historically worst franchises into one of the most recognizable sports brands in the world. Warriors’ management has attributed some of its recent success [...]

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Sirius and Women’s Forum to Sponsor Career Pursuits Workshop

In 2016, Sirius launched its Women’s Forum – an internal organization designed to promote awareness and growth for women in technology. The goal of the Women’s Forum is to embark on specific activities, tasks and behavioral changes that help develop, grow and empower women, individuals and leaders at Sirius, and focuses on initiatives that create [...]

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Why Analytics-Driven Security is the Way to Go

Since advanced security threats are hard to detect, simple monitoring of traditional security events is no longer enough. Organizations need to be armed with a complete security posture that taps their data, providing valuable context to help you make faster and smarter security decisions. According to a recent Gartner study, by 2020, 60% of enterprise [...]

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