About Vik Nagjee

Vik Nagjee serves as Director of Healthcare & Life Sciences at Sirius, where he is responsible for healthcare managed services, deep learning in healthcare, and overall solutions to drive better patient care and outcomes as well as better financial success for healthcare organizations. Vik’s more than 15 years of experience in the healthcare technology sector includes leadership roles at Pure Storage, Epic, and InterSystems. Most recently, Vik served as Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Global Healthcare and Life Sciences at Pure Storage, where he was responsible for healthcare solutions, strategy, and market development. Prior to Pure, Vik served as CTO at Epic, the world’s leading electronic medical records provider, where he directed the architecture, implementation, execution, and business development of Epic’s new service provider business, Epic Hosting.

Healthcare Blog Series: A Modern View of Healthcare IT Begins with Deceptively Simple Questions with Broad Implications

What drives us in healthcare? As practitioners, patients, payers, governing bodies, hospital system and healthcare leaders, employers, and societies, what are our goals? What’s the end game? There are many answers to these deep questions, but most of the paths lead back to some variant of the following: we want better outcomes, better engagement, and [...]

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