About Thomas Capozza

Thomas Capozza is a Cloud Program Manager with Sirius.

Sirius’ Value-Added Services Make AWS IaaS Work the Way You Intended It To

With Amazon Web Services (AWS), organizations are able to quickly and easily implement modern IT infrastructure capabilities, with all the business benefits that make infrastructure as a service (IaaS) such as smart move. AWS offers comprehensive cloud services including compute, storage, database, serverless, IOT, and other functionality that organizations can use to cost effectively deploy [...]

Strategy Is Key to Success in the Cloud

The joke going around IT circles is that ‘Cloud is just someone else’s computer.’ I appreciate the humor of this because there is so much marketing buzz around cloud that it almost makes it difficult to comprehend its true value. As a Cloud Program Manager for Sirius, I view cloud as a model for enabling [...]

Success in the Cloud Hinges on Well Defined Requirements

The enthusiasm for cloud is well deserved, as the pay-as-you-go utility model for IT can provide tremendous competitive advantage. Reduced costs, optimized operations and workloads, and freedom to tackle larger IT issues are all proven benefits achieved by many organizations that have deployed cloud environments. But success requires an optimized cloud strategy based on well [...]