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Sean Scott is National Manager of Cloud Sales for Sirius Computer Solutions.

To Dock or Not to Dock? A Shakespearian Question Put to the Software Stack

Using containers such as Linux Docker to build a microservices application architecture in AWS is the hip development thing today. But do containers truly help dev teams become more nimble and agile, or is this yet another development fad that will quietly fade away? Microservices application architecture and containers resulted from dramatic pressure on the [...]

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Videos: Demonstrating How Sirius ACT Manages and Tracks AWS and SoftLayer Cloud Spend

Today's IT buyers demand flexibility and near-instantaneous results when moving to the cloud. With just a credit card, business users can purchase cloud services and have immediate access to infrastructure without engaging IT. But with simplicity and freedom comes an even greater need to manage and optimize overall cloud spend. How can you put controls [...]

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