About Russ Risteen

Russ Risteen is a Security Practice Manager with Sirius.

The 4 Pillars of Identity Management & Governance

The recent Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report concludes that stolen credentials now account for 61% of all data breaches. A zero-trust security framework is your enterprise’s best defense against bad actors and exfiltration of your most valuable data, and identity access management (IAM) is the cornerstone of that framework. There are four primary functions of [...]

Case Study: A Health Benefits Company Streamlines User Access and Security with a Single, Highly Secure Portal

Sirius recently helped a client who had about 2,500 users across four facilities who needed access to a variety of different applications including financial, administrative, HR, claims and healthcare systems. Learn how Sirius implemented a proprietary, branded interface integrates functionality from a broad range of tools and technologies from the IBM Security stack. For [...]

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