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Rochelle Miller is a Corporate Communications Specialist with Sirius.

Recorded Webinar: Adobe Analytics and Mobile

Watch our on-demand webcast explaining the many benefits of using Adobe Analytics in your mobile application. Learn how Adobe Analytics enables companies to tell the story of what’s happening in their business by leveraging data gleaned from high-performance, real-time analytics within your mobile applications. Your team will be able to identify what works and what [...]

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Need Help with VDI? Dell Blueprints Are the Answer

Tom Solomon, Sirius Solution Architect, and Adam Shomaker, Sirius Alliance Manager, take a few minutes to discuss Dell Blueprints developed specifically for Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI). Working together, Dell and Sirius know that all solutions are not created equal, and are never a “one-size-fits-all” fix. Different organizations and industries will have different, specific IT needs. [...]

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Sirius Wins at 2016 Cisco Partner Summit!

At Cisco’s twentieth annual Partner Summit, Cisco leaders shared the company’s latest technology vision, strategy and innovations. Cisco also announced its new Digital Network Architecture, an open and extensible, software-driven architecture that will help clients simply and quickly transition to a digital network enterprise. There was exciting news at Summit for Sirius as well! As [...]

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Simplify IT Maintenance with Sirius RIMS

As your business grows, it can become difficult to keep track of all the infrastructure that’s covered by IT maintenance contracts – or not. The Sirius Resilient Infrastructure Maintenance Services (Sirius RIMS) solution provides your organization with consistent benefits that begin with simplifying your maintenance management. Uninterrupted business operations and ongoing business strategy hinge on [...]

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System x and Lenovo – A Winning Team!

On October 1, Lenovo completed the acquisition of the IBM System x product line in over 20 countries including the U.S., and now owns and sells the System x, x86 BladeCenter and x86 Flex System brands, along with associated software and maintenance operations. While Lenovo is well known for its PC and mobile businesses, this [...]

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Sirius and HP Provide Hands-on Experience

When it comes to better understanding the latest technologies, Sirius consultants and client executives know that it’s always better to show our clients various products and solutions in person, rather than asking them to sit through a presentation describing how it works. That’s why HP and Sirius are hosting hands-on client briefings at HP’s Customer [...]

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Cisco ACI: Addressing the Changing IT Landscape

In today's changing IT landscape, more and more organizations move from on-premise models to cloud-based services, and from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to Applications as a Service (AaaS). In order to keep up with these and other industry evolutions, businesses need to be flexible in the way they manage their infrastructures. Cisco Application Centric [...]

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Fast, Resilient and Efficient Storage for Virtualization, Cloud and ITaaS

Until recently, flash-accelerated storage was used almost exclusively to speed up application performance by taking advantage of its higher I/O. But now that flash storage is more affordable and there is better software available to compress, de-dupe and supply data on flash arrays, it is possible to get rid of spinning disk arrays altogether. That’s [...]

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Say Hello to IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration on IBM Power Systems

Today, IT markets are extremely competitive when it comes to optimizing big data and analytics workloads as they have become the key to success. Auditing requirements have caused data storage to grow exponentially and businesses become overwhelmed by the volume of data to analyze. Understanding the challenges associated with these workloads, Sirius and IBM are [...]

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What Can Sirius Maintenance Services Do For You?

Sirius provides you with a single point of contact to manage all of your Maintenance Services needs The Sirius Maintenance Services team uses a proven methodology that improves productivity and increases efficiency, all while reducing costs. Our maintenance services can help you: Reduce risk by ensuring that critical devices are covered, providing accurate inventory management, [...]

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