About Ray Petruch

Ray Petruch is a Software Brand Storage Specialist with Sirius.

Taming the Beast of Massively Growing Healthcare Data

As individuals, we expect and demand better, faster, and more accurate healthcare. The healthcare industry has stepped up to this challenge with new technologies and diagnostic procedures that give healthcare professionals the ability to make better and faster diagnoses. These technologies and procedures require massive amounts of data, both structured and unstructured.  With millions of [...]

Three Things You Need to Manage Your Big Data

Storage requirements have changed overtime and will continue to evolve as organizations make their shift towards next-generation apps and the hybrid cloud. As a result, data center teams have to efficiently manage this evolution of growth in order to meet storage challenges.  Why does big data storage matter? To get real value out of data [...]

What’s in Your Toolbox: Renovating IT infrastructure

We all know that data is growing exponentially. The nature of data is changing, too, including more video, audio and images than ever. And it comes from different places, such as social media and the Internet of Things in addition to the enterprise itself. Data is used in analytics operations and cognitive workloads, and is [...]

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Mitigating Data Risks

As the digital universe continues to grow exponentially, IT administrators are struggling to keep pace. And they’re not always succeeding: according to data experts, in 2014 data loss and downtime cost organizations an estimated $1.7 trillion dollars. From natural disasters to computer viruses to just old-fashioned human error, data loss can happen to even the [...]

Optimized the Value of Your Data with Software-Defined Storage

Sirius and IBM Storage are working together to help organizations reduce storage costs and optimize the value of their data. As part of that effort, Sirius recently hosted a software-defined storage webinar on IBM Spectrum Storage. Guest speaker Eric Herzog, vice president of Product Marketing and Management at IBM Storage, provided insights on how to reduce [...]

IBM Spectrum Storage Suite: Complete Flexibility for Software-Defined Storage Helping Drive Up To 40% In Savings

Sirius Computer Solution continues to be a leader in providing integrated Software-Defined Storage solutions to our clients. Our expertise in understanding client infrastructure and marrying that with desired business outcomes gives us the ability to delight hundreds of satisfied clients. With our unique integration capability across a wide array of en terprise disciplines, Sirius can [...]

Advanced Data Protection Made Simple

Organizations are continually being challenged to manage the cost, complexity and capabilities of their backup systems with the collection, processing and storage of more information than ever before. Stringent compliance demands, growing backup infrastructure complexity and flat IT budgets are increasing demands on backup administrators and the solutions that they utilize to provide rapid access [...]

Analytics-Driven Data Management from the Cloud

Today, for every dollar that a company invests in storage, eight additional dollars often follow to manage it. As most organizations try to control storage costs, they often lack a good way to track their storage assets, provision workloads for new applications, maximize utilization, ensure fast, efficient data access, and predict future capacity needs. For [...]

Simplify Storage Management with IBM Software-Defined Storage Solutions

New-era cloud environments and applications such as analytics, mobile and social are driving huge growth in data volumes, making data the new natural resource. As such, today’s enterprises need an efficient storage infrastructure to extract the most value from data at the lowest cost, with the least amount of effort and the greatest amount of [...]

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