About Prasadh Kannan

Prasadh Kannan is a Business Agility Solutions Architect with Sirius Computer Solutions.

Future of Business Operations is Here, Are You Ready?

The Future of Business Operations Traditionally, business operations are a set of activities completed by knowledge workers to serve their customers. Business process solutions are essential for enterprises and their knowledge workers to run business operations effectively. Today, a fundamental change to the origination of business processes is underway. A customer of a particular enterprise [...]

Do You Need a BPM System Health Assessment?

Business Process Management (BPM) solutions provide process visibility by integrating various silo systems across your enterprise. However, they are heavily dependent on the system’s underlying infrastructure and configuration to perform at their best. To realize high ROI, enterprises need to automate more processes, which may slowly degrade application performance. A BPM System Health Assessment is [...]

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